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 Who is the Math Resource Teacher?
 Mr. Schroll is returning to Sterling Elementary School staff this year as the Math Resource Teacher. Prior to Sterling Elementary he taught six years teaching second and third grade at Guilford Elementary, and three years of service in the Pennsylvania public school system.  He has a bachelors in Elementary Education from York College of Pennsylvania, and a master of Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction.  Mr. Schroll enjoys taking walks, reading, being with people, and helping others reach their fullest potential.  
What is a Math Resource Teacher?

Mr. Schroll's job is to support math instruction in grades K-5.  Some of the ways he does this include:

1.  Planning math lessons with K-5 teachers;
2.  Modeling and co-teaching math lessons in the classroom;
3.  Assisting in the classroom with math centers/activities;
4.   Consulting with classroom teachers on math remediation and enrichment;
5.   Collaborating with the Technology Resource Teacher to create strategies for implementing technology into math instruction;
6.  Providing opportunities to recognize and celebrate Math at Sterling Elementary.