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Making Sense of Fractions

Links to information provided in a 2013 staff development on fractions can be found in this section.  Each of the three sessions has its own page with thoughts, links, and activities to assist in teaching students about fractions.

 Fat Fraction : A fraction lesson to end the dilemma.  How am I going to get a health grade.  In this lesson students, will explore the daily allowance of fat consumed on a given day.   This lesson combines health, math, and technolgy.

QR CODES for Fat Fractions : This is a wonderful whiteboard resources, no matter if you want to add or subtract fraction, or recognizing numbers. 
Grade 1:  Unit 3- Understanding Shapes and Fractions (page 47-76)
Grade 2:  Unit 5- Understanding Plane and Solid Figures
Grade 3:  Unit 5 & 6- Geometry/ Comparing Fractions
Grade 4: Unit 2 (Equivilent Fractions) Unit 3 (adding/subtracting Fractions) Unit 5 (Fractions/Decimals)
Grade 5: Unit 4 (Computation with Fractions)