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MMC Homework Guide

Week 8

     This week is very exciting as practices for our “Pumpkin Bowl Football Game” get underway.  Check out our website for information.  We would love to have you help out with this special event.  If you can’t, we would still love for you to drop by the school on October 31st at 10:00 to enjoy the game.  It promises to be a very special memory for the kids.     

     Our “Daily Volunteer Schedule” is now posted on the MMC webpage.  Please visit our page and click on the link to see your day.  We will started our rotation last week. Thank you so much to the many people who volunteered!

     Our sign up schedule for “Parent/Teacher Conferences” in November is posted on the website. The conferences will be held on the two county designated days (11/3, 11/4).  Please email me two or three available times from the schedule on our website if you wish to schedule a conference.  I will send you a confirmation and then post your time on the website, so that we do not double book. 

     We have THREE field trips coming up on November 21st, November 25th and December 5th.  The first trip is to Microsoft. The second trip is our STEM Day at Heritage High School.  The third trip is to the Imagination Stage.  Our chaperones for our December 5th trip will be Finn’s mom and Hope’s mom. We are only allowed two chaperones on this school-wide trip.  However, have no fear, I will be contacting people who signed up to chaperone very soon for the other trips. You will also be receiving two more permission forms for the field trips next week.

     Study Island is available throughout the year and covers many of the state standards to practice.  This website is a great way to review material and provides ongoing practice for the SOL tests. The link is:

The username is:  mmc2014

The password is:   03131967

 Homework for the Week:  


Spelling- See the attached list for spelling words or visit to practice words.  There will only be a spelling test this week. (No vocabulary test.)  Group One will study ALL 21 words. Group 2 will study words the first 10 words only.

Language/Writing-  Read the five vivid descriptions and try to guess the setting of the author’s statements on the worksheet titled, “Inference Practice: Where Am I?”

Reading-  Read the attached FOLKTALE and answer the questions.  Return finished on Friday.

Math- As we wrap up variables this week, we will be looking at advanced measurements of geometrical shapes.  Use the information learned in class to solve the puzzles on the two attached pages.

Math Review-  Read the information about prime and composite numbers to revisit a skill we learned earlier in the quarter.  Answer the five questions regarding how to identify the techniques to determine if a number is prime or composite.

Science- As we continue our study of rocks, minerals, and fossils; read the data and complete the questions about unusual rock formations.

Social Studies:  Read the article about the early settlers of the Northeastern United States.  Answer the questions about the article.

Reading Bingo Sheet-  Your Book Bingo sheet was handed out last week.  This form will be due on October 31st for a special tricks!

If you have any questions about your homework, please email me:

With Highest Respect,

Mr. Morgan


                                                                                     **********PUMPKIN BOWL INFORMATION*******


All fifth grade students will participate in the Pumpkin Bowl Flag Football Game!

     We need your help!  We are in desperate need of a few volunteers to help us with our “Pumpkin Bowl Football Game” on October 31st. The time for the game will be 10:00-11:00. We need ALL volunteers on the following days: Oct. 22nd, 24th, 29th, and 31st.  All four dates will be 10:00-11:00.

     We need at least two coaches who can volunteer to be at the school the above four times over the next three weeks for approximately 60 minutes.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL.  Our game looks very little like football.  If you think you can help with this project as a coach, please email Beth Gallegos at: as soon as possible.  She is our parent coordinator for this event. We also need any available parent volunteers to come to school on October 24th at 10:00 a.m. to assist with the painting of t-shirts for the event.  If you could assist with this activity, please let us know.

Other volunteers needed:

*Concession planning-  Someone to volunteer to come in and pull the concession kids to make their sign, create posters, choose food items, arrange donations of food, and pick a charity.

*Announcer Assistant-  Come in and work with the kids on how to give a play-by-play and speak with enthusiasm.  You will also help them write the script that will become the opening ceremony, introduce players, introduce the singers of the anthem, and introduce the half-time show.

*Score board assistant-  Come in and create the scoreboard with the score keeper.  

****Also, each student needs an adult size white t-shirt for the game.  We will be sponge painting the shirts to show team support.  Please send this t-shirt by October 24th. It can be a parent’s used t-shirt.  It does not have to be a new shirt. It should be a few sizes larger than your child, so he/she may wear a coat under their team shirt.*****

     Please contact Beth about any of these volunteer positions.  We need YOU to make this event a success!


Randy Morgan

MMC Room Parents

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