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                                                                                                            September 2014



            I would like to welcome you to thirdgrade!  My name is Mrs. Barbara Daly andI will be your child’s teacher this year. I am so excited to begin my 16th year at Lowes Island Elementary and Iam looking forward to another school year and enriching the lives of thestudents I work with.


About Me

            Let me share a little bit aboutmyself.  I grew up in Grand Rapids,Michigan, and have one brother and two sisters. After attending Western Michigan University,I moved to the Northern Virginia area topursue my career.  I started teaching 20years ago in D.C. Public Schools where I taught second grade for three years.This experience was followed by two years of teaching at the Islamic SaudiAcademy where I taught the English curriculum to Kindergarten and First Gradestudents.   I came to Lowes Island in1999 and have loved serving the students in this community ever since.  I have two beautiful children, Elizabeth(11)and Marcus(10), who add much excitement to my life.



            Our educational program is atriangle involving the school, the pupil, and the parents.  Cooperation from all three will result in asmoother transition for the student, as he/she becomes a more responsible andindependent worker.

            Expectations in fourth grade buildupon greater independent work habits established in the third grade. VirginiaStudies (Social Studies), Science, health, and social sciences continue to be anintegral part of the curriculum.  Readingcomprehension and fluency remain essential, as students will be required tocomprehend and discuss the material. The knowledge of basic math concepts andfacts will be required as we extend our knowledge into greater numbers. Becausea variety of assessments will be given, it is imperative that students listen,participate in class discussions and activities, and use proper study skills.

            Students will continue to developacademically, as they develop independent work habits. Throughout the year, Iwill be emphasizing the importance of organization, neatness, promptness,proofreading, cooperation, and time management. Your support in reinforcing these areas will encourage your child tobecome a more responsible student.

            I will also be encouraging socialgrowth – responsibility, respect, and social awareness.   Responsibility requires a student to beprepared for school each day, and to complete daily assignments.  In being respectful, each child should beconsiderate of fellow students, all adults, and all property.  All students need to develop self-awareness,and be open to the events happening around them.  The students need to learn to accept and useconstructive criticism.


In Closing

            I love teaching and making adifference in the lives of children. Learning should be exciting! I hope tospark a curiosity in your child that will fuel his/her personal desire to askquestions and seek answers to the things that really interest him/her.  Please join mein showing your child how wonderful learning can be.




Barbara Daly