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Farmwell's Keyboarding Departmentkeyboard_blue

Much more than the old "A, S, D, F, J, K, L, ;," students learn how to keyboard without looking at their fingers using the QWERTY touch method in this one semester course. New skills are strengthened and speed is increased throughout the semester.
Students will be exposed to the MS Office suite in class (Publisher, Word, Power Point, and Excel) on various business centered projects: business cards, Internet Ethics, Web Advertisements, Resume, and Career Research, among others.
Topics such as Digital Citizenship, online behavior, business ethics and "Scratch" coding are also explored. 
Mr. Stephenson runs the class like a business with authentic problems in the project descriptions where students assume various roles in business and they must craft their projects accordingly. These real-world problems, projects and discussions enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills to be 21st century learners--for a lifetime!!!
 The Young Entrepreneurs Club
Additionally, he is the sponsor of one of Farmwell's largest clubs (96 members this year!!!): The Young Entrepreneurs: It's ALL Business.  This is an after school club which introduces various business concepts, such as starting a business, stock market tracking, advertising, product/services development, among others, at an appropriate middle school level.  It is open to all students (6th-8th). We received a nice mention in the following article about Mrs. Loya's "Principal of the Year" award write up.  Here is the quote:
"Farmwell Station has 35 activities and clubs. Most of the clubs meet after school with volunteer teacher sponsors. The Young Entrepreneurs Club, for example is the creation of keyboarding teacher David Stephenson. A career switcher, Stephenson started the county’s first business club for middle school students with Loya’s approval. Membership of this popular club now stands at more than 75 students."

The YEC will meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month (weather depending).   
 Meeting/Topic Schedule (Tentative)
Intro Meeting: October 2nd, CLAB1, 3:30-4:15pm
October Meetings: 
First Meeting: Oct. 16th, CLAB1, 3:30-4:15pm, Interviewing for a Company, Formation/Naming of companies (Challenge.....)
November Meetings:
Nov. 6th, CLAB 1, 3:30-4:15, Young Entrepreneurs Banner Competition, T-Shirt Order Form
Nov.  20th, CLAB 1, 3:30-4:15, Young Entrepreneurs Banner Finalization, winner selection.  T-Shirt Order Forms Due!!!
December Meetings:
Dec. 4th, CLAB 1, 3:30-4:15, Vote on Young Entrepreneurs Banner, FINAL T-SHIRT ORDER FORMS DUE--NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! Start Stock Market Discussion
Dec. 18th, Companies will select stocks for competition!!
January Meetings:
Jan. 1., No School  No meeting.
Jan. 15th, T-shirt distribution.  Stock market competition--stock selection.!!
February Meetings:
Feb. 5th, Stock market competition (ongoing)
Feb. 19th, Cancelled due to snow day. 
March Meetings (NOTE there are 3):
Mar. 5th, Stock market competition (ongoing), Charity selection for fundraiser
Mar. 12th,  Fundraiser volunteer signup, "Undercover Boss" episode.
Mar. 19th, Stock Market competition, Show schedule/responsibilities, "Undercover Boss" episode.
Mar. 20, 21, 22, Fundraiser at the Farmwell Play, "Beauty and the Beast." Stay tuned for volunteer schedule.
Mar. 26th, Trashion Show concessions.  Volunteers show up at 6:00pm. 
We have designed our own GoFundMe site to help with donations for Loudoun County Animal Shelter (site is now closed):  We raised over $150 to add to our show fundraiser!!!!
April Meetings (Note: The first Thursday, we are on Spring Break.  I have made an adjustment):
April 9th, CLAB1, Stock Market, Starting a Business, Business Plan, Shark Tank
April 23th CLAB1, Stock Market, Starting a Business, Business Plan, Shark Tank

Young Entrepreneurs Show Volunteer Form: (CLOSED)
Business Club Meeting Agenda/Flyer:  Flyer
Commercial for this years Young Entrepreneurs: Commercial 2014 
 Please feel free to email or call Mr. Stephenson for further details.


Last year's Links and information.
Here is a link for the pictures and check presentation.  Congrats to all who volunteered and staffed the show!!! 

 Mr. Stephenson
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