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Farmwell Keyboarding Departmentkeyboard_blue

Students learn how to keyboard without looking at their fingers using the touch method in this one semester course.  New skills are strengthened and speed is increased throughout the semester when students use a word processing program to create reports, personal and business letters, journals, and charts.  Students are also exposed to spreadsheet, database, drawing, and painting programs which enhance creative and problem-solving skills learned in other classes.
Additionally, they are co-sponsors of one of Farmwell's newest clubs: The Young Entrepreneurs: It's ALL Business.  This is an after school club which introduces various business concepts, such as starting a business, stock market tracking, advertising, product/services development, among others.

The meeting schedule is set!!!  We will meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month (unless there is snow/holiday.  The weather has wreaked havoc on our club this year.  The meeting schedule is below:

Future Meeting/Topic Schedule (Tentative)
May 14th    "Starting Your Own Business," Lab 1 
May 28th    Finalize Business Plans for Shark Tank Week Presentations, Lab 1


June 4th      Mandatory meeting to schedule Shark Tank Presentations/Next week Planning, Lab 1
June 10-11th    Shark Tank Company Presentations (Participants must arrange transportation--No activity buses)
June 12    Final Party!!!! (Participants must arrange own transportation--NO activity buses)

Here is the commercial:


Please feel free to email or call Mr. Stephenson or Mrs. Colbert for further details.

Last Years Club links and notes: 

Here is a link for the pictures and check presentation.  Congrats to all who volunteered and staffed the show!!! 

The meeting schedule is as follows (all will be in Lab 1, unless otherwise noted):
Mr. Stephenson and Mrs. Colbert
Last Modified on June 4, 2014